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Full name or hypochorism?

I prefer being addressed by Masha, but I go by Maria in publications.


My last name should be spelled Yesipova in English; the only reason it isn't is because the Russian Federal Migration Service is an evil and pointless organization (which is also why my first name is spelled Mariia in my passport, but there is no way I'd ever adopt this spelling in my publications). The last name Yesipov(a) is derived from an obsolete male name Yesip ([ˈjesʲɪp]), which is one of the Russian versions of the Hebrew name Yossef. A better known (but also quite obsolete) Russian form of that name is Osip ([ˈosʲɪp]), and the last name Osipov(a) derived from it is much more common in Russia than Yesipov(a). Russian speakers usually know to stress the first syllable in Osipov(a), but often fail to recognize the etymology of Yesipov(a) and mistakingly stress the second syllable, which I tend to correct people on.