Spring 2020. (with Noah Buchholz) Sign Language Linguistics (an undergraduate course in sign language linguistics). Princeton University.

Fall 2019. Intonation: Melody in Language (an undergraduate course in intonational phonology). Princeton University.

Summer 2018. (with Yining Nie) Language (an introductory undergraduate course in linguistics). NYU.
selected materials:
Syllabus: pdf
Syntax slides: pdf pptx
Semantics slides: pdf pptx
Pragmatics slides: pdf pptx
Sign language linguistics slides: pdf pptx
Language acquisition slides: pdf pptx

Summer 2022. Omni-Linguistcs. V-NYI.

Summer 2022. Super Linguistcs. LOT summer school.

Summer 2021. Some Issues with Not-at-issueness. V-NYI.
Teaser about the school and the course:


Winter 2021. Meaning Across Modalities. V-NYI.
slides (Google Drive)

Summer 2020. (with Philippe Schlenker, Nina Feygl Semushina-Leyn, and Valeria Vinogradova) Topics in Sign Language Linguistics. V-NYI.
slides (Google Drive)

Summer 2018. (with Lucas Champollion) Integrating compositional semantics and event semantics. NASSLLI.
lecture notes (lingbuzz)

Spring 2021. Semantics of situations and pragmatics of prevention. Guest lecture at Richard Kayne & Anna Szabolcsi's graduate Seminar in Syntax & Semantics. NYU, March 17. (virtual)

Spring 2021. Pictorial meaning. Two guest lectures at Pritty Patel-Grosz's MA seminar in Super Linguistics. University of Oslo, March 9 & 16. (virtual)

Spring 2019. Semantics II (an advanced graduate course in semantics). Homework grader for Lucas Champollion. NYU.

Fall 2017. Intro to Semantics (an introductory undergraduate course in semantics). Teaching assistant for Lucas Champollion and co-author of the teaching materials. NYU.
teaching materials

Fall 2016. Language and Mind (an introductory undergraduate course in theoretical linguistics and psycholinguistics). Teaching assistant for Ailís Cournane and Brian McElree. NYU.

Spring 2016. Grammatical Analysis (an introductory undergraduate course in syntax). Teaching assistant for Stephanie Harves. NYU.